As the Chief Development Officer at PRC, I work to lift people up off the street, strengthen the nonprofit sector, and elevate all San Francisco.

At PRC, we believe that everyone — regardless of their situation — has value and potential, and we fight tirelessly to help them realize that, by directly tackling their social barriers to good health.

Because there is more to health than just, “Are you sick or well?” True wellness goes so much deeper than that. To truly help a person, you must assist them on every level, assessing and addressing all the social factors that affect them. 

We help our clients realize their best selves, by helping them stabilize their housing, develop the skills to find and keep a job, overcome substance and mental health issues, and secure income and healthcare benefits. And, most importantly, by giving them hope, and a path to new opportunities.

We shine a light on the causes that affect them and ensure they get the attention and respect they deserve. Because when people have the ability to realize their potential, to lead stronger and more productive lives, they add to—not take away from—the community.

In 2017, PRC (formerly Positive Resource Center) enlarged its scope and services through its strategic partnership and merger with Baker Places, which provides comprehensive residential treatment services to people with mental health, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS- related issues, and with the AIDS Emergency Fund (AEF), an emergency financial assistance provider for low-income residents affected by HIV/AIDS.

Today we are one of the nation’s few human service organizations that provide integrated legal, social and health services for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, substance use, or mental health issues. Programs include:

  • Emergency financial assistance for short-term stability.
  • Legal representation for access to necessary income and healthcare benefits.
  • Residential treatment, housing, and employment training for longer-term social rehabilitation.

The new PRC has annual budget $25 million, employs 250 people, and deliver services to over 5,000 clients annually. Working together with our community partners and generous donors, our goals are to:

  • Meet the basic human needs of individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS, substance use or mental health issues, particularly those who suffer from homelessness.
  • Reduce the number of social service agencies and thereby reducing inefficiencies and redundancies through organizational mergers and strategic partnerships.
  • Improve the quality of life for every San Franciscan.

As Chief Development Officer, my responsibilities include supervising the agency’s annual fund, multiple government contracts, planned giving, and comprehensive campaign needs to ensure adequate financial resources both now and into the future. I am supported in my efforts by a professional staff of six FTE and nearly 150 actively engaged volunteers.

I am honored to put my expertise to work For PRC.


“Gayle Roberts epitomizes the term ‘development professional.’ She is a strategic thinker, who understands that mission, values and ethics are the foundation of a development program and fundraising is only one of the tools needed to be successful.”

George Clark, Former Chief Development Officer
LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired